Our Goal

Our goal is to rescue the many forgotten homeless and stray cats and kittens throughout Horry County, South Carolina. Mostly through our TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program, we have saved the lives of countless cats and kittens from living a life in the wild, often suffering starvation, disease and sickness. The ever present threat from predators lasts throughout their all too often short lifespans.

Kitty Claws Rescue Group SC is totally dedicated to end the plight of these cats and kittens.

How We Accomplish Our Goal:

Kitty Claws Rescue Group SC educates the public on the value of spaying and neutering their pets.

We offer low cost spay/neuter services to those who cannot financially afford the usual spay/neuter fees charged by veterinarians.

Friendly strays and feral kittens who are young enough to be tamed receive veterinarian services to ensure health and well-being and are then offered the chance to have a loving and permanent home through our adoption program.

Through the widely acknowledged success of the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program, the lives of homeless/stray cats and kittens are changed for the better by controlling overpopulation